Seven Foods American Presidents Craved

Presidents are portrayed as very formal people in the media; it’s not very common for them to be seen out and about much less snacking on their favorite comfort food. However, after a long winding day of governing a nation, what can be more relaxing than digging right in? Here are seven American Presidents, along with the food they craved while they were in office.

Ronald Reagan: Jellybeans

Ronald Reagan was a big fan of jelly beans; particularly, the licorice flavored ones. He first started eating “Goelitz Mini Jelly Beans” to cure his habit of pipe-smoking. He received monthly shipments from the company. Additionally, during his inauguration, three and a half tons of blue, red, and white jelly beans were shipped for the festivities!

Theodore Roosevelt: Chicken with white gravy

The chicken was a favorite of Theodore Roosevelt, and he believed there was only one acceptable way of serving it; soaked with white gravy. Theodore Roosevelt also had a bit of a sweet tooth – he was said to place as much as seven lumps of sugar in his coffee.

George W. Bush: Cheeseburger Pizza

George W. Bush enjoyed this cheeseburger and pizza crossover for dinner at the White House. All of the ingredients of cheeseburgers served as toppings on a Margherita pizza – yum!

Barack Obama: Fran’s Smoked Salted Caramels

Barack Obama was introduced to Seattle-based Fran’s Smoked Salted Caramels through a welcome basket given to him by businesswoman Cynthia Stroum during his candidacy. He liked the salted caramels well-enough for him not to share! His wife, Michelle Obama, revealed that they both loved the salted caramels; however, Barack preferred the milk chocolate, while she opted for the dark.   

Richard Nixon: Meatloaf

Richard Nixon’s wife, Pat Nixon, had revealed her meatloaf recipe to the public; half beef, half pork. Although this particular favorite food of his is a classic, he also had weirder tastes – one of which is cream cheese topped by a dash of ketchup.

Bill Clinton: Jalapeño Burgers

Bill Clinton, while in office, had been seen eating McDonald’s, chicken enchiladas, barbecues, burgers, and the like. One of his favorites then was jalapeño burgers! However, after heart-related surgeries, the former President threw away his meat-eating habits and is now living life as a vegan.

Abraham Lincoln: Gingerbread Men

Former President Abraham Lincoln rarely spoke about food, but one of the few instances that he did was about his Mother’s homemade gingerbread men. The story detailed how he thought highly of such a treat, having lived in poverty. He shared two of his gingerbread men with another boy, who had said, “
I don’t s’pose anybody on earth likes gingerbread better’n I do – and gets less’n I do…”

Indeed, it may seem queer to picture our Presidents sitting down and enjoying a hearty meal just like we do every single day. But we have to remember that as much as they are figures of authority to help and guide us, they are humans too – with basic human needs, and with basic human likes! Don’t feel guilty about digging into that ice cream every once in a while – even our President does that, too.


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