LGBT and Politics

The American government, even before the great American Revolution, has protected and valued the rights of its individual citizen. As a democratic country, it ensures to exercise equality among its subjects. This is to the extent that it accommodates the need of each individual within the evolving society. One controversial example is the rights claimed by the LGBT community to be necessary for their well-being.

What is LGBT?

The term LGBT is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The last term, transgender, refers to people whose gender expression is not directly associated with their assigned gender during birth. For a long time, these people have been fighting their way through to be acknowledged and supported by the government.

Conflict of Beliefs

America’s foundation as a country is undeniably influenced by Christianity. This religion is centered on the Bible which condemns the idea of homosexuality and sodomy. However, by the principles of liberalism, the government is required to enforce tolerance. Moreover, the constitution requires the separation of the church and the state. With these conflicting ideas, policymakers have been divided as well as the public.


The vast majority of LGBT supporters are coming from the political liberals and various organized LGBT movements in highly urbanized states. Some well-known political figures have openly declared their advocacies on the matter. Other state universities also have a strong LGBT community believing and supporting the cause. With the influence of popular culture and media, more LGBT supporters boldly demonstrate their support. This can be confirmed by the increasing percentage of polls and surveys in each year.


Most opposing organizations on the LGBT movement are coming from the religious sector and political conservatives. These groups are citing Bible verses as the basis for their stand and convictions. Even with the passing of the same-sex marriage bill and other anti-discrimination law, most of them are still persistent in showing their opposition. The current Trump administration has also been controversially involved in the issue. This was after the President has released a statement on social media against transgender being employed in the U.S. Military.    

LGBT Related Laws and Political Actions

As early as 1920, gay rights organizations have been actively fighting for their rights. The 1950s, however, was their biggest challenge as the American Psychiatric Association declared homosexuality as a mental/behavioral disturbance. It was then followed by the executive order signed by President

Eisenhower during 1952 bans the employment of homosexuals in the federal government. However, during 1961, the state of Illinois was the first to decriminalize homosexuality followed by other states. After a decade, legalizing same-sex marriage has been brought up. It has been consistently opposed and only during the year 2004 that a U.S. State has legalized it.

By 2011, the ban on gays and lesbians in openly serving the military has been lifted. The following year, President Obama publicly supported the marriage of LGBT couples. Last December 2017, the latest ruling was released against the prohibition of the current administration on transgender serving the military. The Pentagon has confirmed the processing of transgender applicants starting January 1st of this year 2018.


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