Five Things You Need to Know About Living in the White House

The White House – a symbol of status in America as the presidential mansion – holds a great deal of interest for the common people. Whether you’re looking to one day sit within it or just want to imagine and visualize the state of living of some of our world leaders, here are five interesting things about the President’s home.

1. You have everything you need under one roof.

No one, probably, but the President has a flower shop in his basement. The basement area of the White House hosts a number of rooms to lessen the need for the President to travel. It includes a flower shop, carpenters’ shop, engineer’s shop, and a dentist’s office!

The Presidents themselves have made additions to the rooms and facilities within the White House. Examples of these are a bowling alley added by Richard Nixon and a quarter-mile running track added by Bill Clinton. There are also several gardens and courts within the property.

2. You’ll still have to pay for your meals.

Even if the President and his family are attended to by prized chefs, they still have to pay for what they eat. Meals within the White House are modified according to the First Family’s tastes; if they have immensely expensive tastes, rest assured that the taxpayers are not paying for their immensely expensive bills. Instead, the costs of their meals are deducted from the President’s monthly salary.

3. It is said to be haunted.

Several stories about Presidential ghosts roaming around the White House have reached the public’s ears. Most notably of which is Abraham Lincoln’s ghost, which is said to have been seen by quite a few reputable people, such as Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.  

4. It has been adjusted to accommodate people with disabilities.

Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the reason why the White House was outfitted to permit easy access to those in wheelchairs. He had contracted polio earlier in life and used a self-developed wheelchair to move around. When he moved in, the White House had ramps built to adapt to his needs. In addition to this, he also had a heated indoor pool added to aid in his therapy.

5. There’s almost no privacy within its walls.

It’s no secret that the President’s job is a dangerous one; for this very reason, security within the White House is intense. Every activity is relayed to security, with even quality time between the President and his wife having a code phrase. Aside from measures and precautions taken by the Secret Service, the First Family also has to deal with the media and tourists who come to the White House purely to figure out what they were doing. Lack of privacy is one aspect of being President that no one envies.

It’s easy to think of the White House as a place perfectly tailored for living – and to some degree, it is – but we also have to consider the fact that being the President is a difficult, high-risk job. Living somewhere in constant view of the public and under heavy security is not easy, coupled with the responsibility of having an entire country on your shoulders. It would take a solid person or family not to mind the threats and truly make the White House into a home.


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