American Culture and Traditions

With many countries all over the world, it is almost impossible to remember their traditions and cultures. How do these cultures differ from the other? American culture includes beliefs, values, clothes that people wear, marriage — the list just goes on.

1. Language

English is considered as the universal language because it is the most used language around the globe. It is also the language used in America. When conducting a business speech, most speakers use the said language.

 2. Christianity (Religion)

It is the most common religion which is being practiced in America. The number of “no religion” Americans is decreasing. America is said to have the highest number of Christians in its population but not the highest in percentage.

3. Fashion style and trends

Different countries mean different fashion styles. In America, the fashion trends are usually based on religion, occupation and of course, the weather. Mostly used clothes are sneaker, caps, jeans, and sweaters. I must say, these are indeed the most comfortable clothing that a person could ever wear. Fashion trends are mostly influenced by big celebrities.

4. American Cuisine

Every time I think of American food, burgers and fries are the first things which come to my mind. Americans’ taste usually varies, but most of them love to eat what we consider as “junk food.” Burgers, fries, hotdogs, and potato chips are the common food that Americans love to eat.

5. Media Production

Whoever heard of Zac Efron or Angelina Jolie all over the world? I know most of us did. This is because America holds the record of having the biggest media production. This includes the television shows and movies from Hollywood. Most American movies are great hits even in different countries. Even I love those international movies because of their unusual plots, great stars, and unexpected twists.

6. Sports

Most Americans are active I outdoor sports like baseball, soccer, and basketball. It is rare to find one who is most likely to stay indoors and not know even just one sport. This is actually a good thing because it enhances a person’s metabolism and good health.

7. American Holidays

America is one of the countries which celebrate a lot of holidays. This includes Memorial Day which commemorates the people who died in Military Service and is celebrated in May every year. Labor Day is observed every first Monday in September. This holiday celebrates the workforce of America. Every fourth of November, Thanksgiving is held which celebrates harvest even way back in Colonial times. The Fourth of July is considered a holiday because Americans celebrate their independence from Britain. The birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are also celebrated every third Monday of February and is considered as another American holiday.

Each country has its own customs and traditions but don’t let the difference be a hindrance between nationalities and races. It is important to pay attention and give utmost respect to each country’s customs for all times. This way, there will be peace all over the world.


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