Four Bizarre Ways American Politicians Have Campaigned

The election is one of the busiest events a country can have: rallies, debates, ads, and whatnot – just to find the best person to guide the general population through. That doesn’t mean it can’t entertain us, though. Here are four bizarre ways candidates have tried to get our votes.

1. Vote for someone who knows not to pee on electric fences.

In a brief, one-minute ad for his campaign for the Texas Railroad Commission, Roland Sledge’s main message is a comparison between candidates who relieve themselves on electric fences and those who, like him, know well enough not to. Intended to be a comic criticism against inexperienced candidates, it raises a fair point. However, it’s still out of the box enough to be included in this list; relieving ourselves and politics are just two distant topics not meant to be mixed.

2. When in doubt, use singing animals.

If you think singing animals are just for children, think again. A musical ad that was posted on YouTube on Oct. 31, 2008, featured animated animals singing an annoyingly catchy song. Its purpose is to show the benefits nature and wildlife would gain from Amendment 4 being passed in Florida. It’s bizarre and funny at the same time – be wary of watching this; you’ll have “Four, four, four” stuck in your head for hours.

3. You’ll need to have a pony with you at all times.

Vermin Supreme, a renowned American performance artist, and activist, is a sight to behold with a boot for a hat and gigantic toothbrush in hand. He had made several weird campaign promises in the past, but one of his weirdest ones was his promise to provide free ponies to every American.

He said he aimed for a pony-based economy, with the pony business providing people with more jobs. He had thought it out even further, saying he’d build a federal pony identification program – meaning you’d have to have your pony with you at all times.  

He had campaigned several times in the past, gaining support in his parody of the electoral system.

4. Businessmen are now required to wear clown suits.

This particular promise was made by Jello Biafra, a spoken word artist and Dead Kennedys singer who ran for Mayor of San Francisco, coming in fourth out of ten candidates. Other promises included banning cars citywide, and erecting a statue of the former mayor’s assassin for people to pelt eggs at.

He revealed that he merely ran because his band mate, Bruce Slesinger told him “Biafra, you have such a big mouth that you should run for mayor.” He, however, had appeared in interviews, saying not to consider his campaign as a joke, since he was no more or less than a joke than the rest of the other candidates.

Eccentric ads and campaigns are no strangers to us; some are meant as satire, some are meant as an entertaining way to lay out a politician’s campaign. Moreover, we have to look further than what people show or how they act for us to be able to understand their real message and intentions. It doesn’t matter how bizarre the campaign – as long as you’re sure that they’re aiming for a better tomorrow, above all else.



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