What Would Happen?

By legalizing marijuana, the usage of the plant will be highly profitable for all users. The commodity of marijuana will be so commonly used that the price will decrease, making a substantial difference in economic lifestyle. More money can be spent on other ways of life. Our specialist and dear friend, Paul Romado of plumbing services in Deerfield Beach, also states, if the marijuana is taxed, the states could earn a revenue and put the money towards education, thus lessening the budget cuts. The legalization of the herb can increase profit for others as well as the state. To illustrate in a broader view, society will be able to move forward with the legalization of marijuana and put the revenue towards education. America’s education system competes with other countries and through the legalization of marijuana, an increase in educational funds can occur. Should marijuana continue to be in question if it can aid in enhancing America’s education system?

The government has struggled to control the usage of alcohol and tobacco, marijuana is following a similar path and should be legalized as well. The federal government has been retaliating from the original stance regarding marijuana usage. Of course, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has not taken favor to states creating referendums, due to the fact that IRS initially abolished marijuana. Although the IRS deemed the drug illegal, other chemically engineered drugs are permissible and highly advertised, for example alcohol and tobacco. Kelly Phillips Erb, a Forbes magazine contributor, states, “Alcohol and tobacco are legal because the industries for both are too large for the government to halt, and both products are highly profitable through taxation.” The alcohol industry has increased revenue and has formed many jobs, 3.9 million. Inspecting this pattern, marijuana will be able to precisely follow it. Soon enough the government will not be able to control the usage, as can be seen in some states. The phrase “history repeats itself,” can be applied to the legalization of marijuana and it should be known that economy will progress in a variety of aspects. When usage becomes uncontrollable the herb will be legalized, and following the pattern of tobacco and alcohol, it will increase industry, employment, and revenue.

In contrast, some naysayers of legalizing marijuana would say that marijuana could cause economic problems for the government. For instance, the demand of marijuana would increase, therefore, decreasing the price and/or value of it causing inflation. However, by regulating marijuana, the distribution technique can be modified so such a thing would not occur. Another contrast is that the peoples’ money would be going towards buying marijuana, rather than other commercial items. But, their money is still going into the system where it all eventually intertwines and boosts our economy. Also, “Because marijuana is much easier for vendors to grow than alcohol or tobacco, these dealers could more easily avoid paying taxes on the substance”. The amount of money the growers and dealers make would far outweigh the taxes. Instead of laundering what is considered “drug money,” these growers can openly sell without fear of penalty. By keeping the trade of marijuana illegal, the benefits, such as the money and resources, go to dealers and cartels, rather than the individuals who make up a wholesome society. Marijuana can be more beneficial to society and the economy if given the chance because it can generate such large amounts of revenue.

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