We’re sick of being categorized as ‘millennials’. We’ve been attributed to overexposed media, uneducated children, and inexperienced workers. Why is that? In order to exist in today’s society, we must have 5 or more years of experience in the working world in order to land our first part-time job. How is that possible?

When organizing events or even content, our ‘lax’ attitude brings about criticism from our ‘elders’. When in reality, our access to information is overload while our lack of experience is due to our elders not instilling trust in order capabilities because they are stuck in their 1950’s way. Our generation continues to take part in massive criticism yet massive innovation. With access to media, new forms of communication have transpired worldwide. We continue to provide value and find new modes of inspiration and success by our independent ventures online and elsewhere.

For those who look down on you for your age, push through their criticism. Understand they are stuck and you are growing. In reality, no person wants to see another succeed. Or more in part, they don’t want them to grow more than they are. We are all in a society of hermit crabs. We’re stuck in a hole, pushing on one another to climb out, and once someone reaches the surface, we pull them back in. Don’t be the grabber. Be the pusher. Continue to provide support to those who you believe in and don’t get caught up in your own pride or ego.

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